Ways to appreciate your pastor at little or no cost...

Encourage your pastor:

  • Personal, handwritten notes of encouragement and gratitude
  • Express appreciation for sermons, teaching, etc.
  • Notice when your pastor seems discouraged and come alongside them

Walk faithfully with your pastor:

  • Don't participate in church gossip
  • Be a faithful, committed church member
  • Hold others accountable when they are constantly criticizing your pastor

Advocate for your pastor:

  • Make sure your pastor is paid well and provided good benefits
  • See that your pastor is taking a weekly Sabbath and annual vacations

Love your pastor’s family:

  • Don't have different expectations for your pastor's children than you would have for anyone else's kids
  • Let your pastor's spouse be who they are

Pray for your pastor:

Ways to appreciate your pastor at some cost…

Serve your pastor:

  • Surprise your pastor by providing occasional lawn, maid or handyman service
  • If you have a vacation home, consider opening it up to your pastor and their family

Gift your pastor:

  • Find out your pastor's hobbies and bless them with an appropriate gift
  • Surprise your pastor and spouse with a night out, including childcare
  • Gift cards from places like Amazon give your pastor thousands of options